Gibor’s Top Cited Papers

(those with his substantial involvement)

Citation Counts, February 2022
(order determined from citations normalized by # of authors)
(Using citation counts is biased against recent papers)

1 1988 ApJ…330..350 cited: 573
Accretion Disks around T Tauri Stars

Bertout, C.; Basri, G.; Bouvier, J.

2 2003 ApJ…582.1109 cited: 453
Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in Taurus-Auriga

White, R. J.; Basri, G. 

3 1999 AJ….118.2466 cited: 388
Spectroscopic Classification of Late-M and L Field Dwarfs
Martín, E. L.; Delfosse, X.; Basri, G. and 3 more 

4 2003 ApJ…583..451 cited: 347
Rotation and Activity in Mid-M to L Field Dwarfs

Mohanty, S.; Basri, G. 

5 2005 ApJ…626..498 cited: 271
The T Tauri Phase Down to Nearly Planetary Masses: Echelle Spectra of 82 Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs

Mohanty, S.; Jayawardhana, R.; Basri, G.

6 1997 ApJ…488..375 cited: 258 

The Temperature Scale and Mass Distribution of Hot DA White Dwarfs

Finley, D. S.; Koester, D.; Basri, G.

7 1996 ApJ…458..600 cited: 252
Lithium in Brown Dwarf Candidates: The Mass and Age of the Faintest Pleiades Stars

Basri, G.; Marcy, G. W.; Graham, J. R. 

8 2013 A&A…560A…4 cited: 250
Rotation and differential rotation of active Kepler stars

Reinhold, T.; Reiners, A.; Basri, G. 

9 1993 AJ….106.2024 cited: 241
T Tauri Stars in Blue

Valenti, J. A.; Basri, G.; Johns, C. M. 

10 1989ApJ…341..340 cited: 225 

Accretion Disks around T Tauri Stars. II. Balmer Emission

Basri, G.; Bertout, C.

11 2007 ApJ…656.1121 cited: 218 

The First Direct Measurements of Surface Magnetic Fields on Very Low Mass Stars

Reiners, A.; Basri, G. 

12 1990 ApJ…363..654 cited: 209
Hamilton Echelle Spectra of Young Stars. I. Optical Veiling

Basri, G.; Batalha, C. 

13 2008 ApJ…684.1390 cited: 203 

Chromospheric Activity, Rotation, and Rotational Braking in M and L Dwarfs
Reiners, A.; Basri, G.

14 2009 ApJ…692..538 cited: 164
Evidence for Magnetic Flux Saturation in Rapidly Rotating M Stars
Reiners, A.; Basri, G.; Browning, M. 

15 2010 ApJ…710..924 cited: 158 

A Volume-Limited Sample of 63 M7-M9.5 Dwarfs. II. Activity, Magnetism, and the Fade of the Rotation-Dominated Dynamo
Reiners, A.; Basri, G. 

16 2003 ApJ…592..282 cited: 153 

Evidence for a T Tauri Phase in Young Brown Dwarfs

Jayawardhana, R.; Mohanty, S.; Basri, G. 

17 2000 ARA&A..38..485 cited: 128 

Observations of Brown Dwarfs

Basri, G. 

18 2013 MNRAS.436.1883 cited: 121 

Rotation periods, variability properties and ages for Kepler exoplanet candidate host stars

Walkowicz, L. M.; Basri, G. 

19 2009A&A…496..787 cited: 116 

On the magnetic topology of partially and fully convective stars

Reiners, A.; Basri, G. 

20 1995 AJ….109..762 cited: 116 

A Surprise at the Bottom of the Main Sequence: Rapid Rotation and NO H-alpha Emission
Basri, G.; Marcy, G. W.

21 1999 AJ….118.2460 cited: 110 

PPL 15: The First Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Binary
Basri, G.; Martín, E. L. 

22 2006 AJ….132..663 cited: 109 

A Survey for Spectroscopic Binaries among Very Low Mass Stars

Basri, G.; Reiners, A. 

23 1995 ApJ…449..341 cited: 109 

The Line Profile Variability of SU Aurigae
Johns, C.M.; Basri, G.

24 2000 AJ….119.1881 cited: 102 

Profiles of Strong Permitted Lines in Classical T Tauri Stars

Alencar, Silvia H. P.; Basri, Gibor 

25 1995 AJ….109.2800 cited: 99 

Hamilton Echelle Spectra of Young Stars. II. Time Series Analysis of H-alpha Variations
Johns, Christopher M.; Basri, Gibor